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In this chat window you can interact with your chatbot running on localhost, or with another Chatto example bot.

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Local REST Endpoint

To use this demo, run a Chatto bot on your localhost, on the default port 4770. The UI will use the REST endpoint. Make sure to enable CORS on the REST endpoint by adding the following to the bot.yml file:

# bot.yml
enable_rest_cors: true

Chatto Trivia Pro

The demo called Chatto Trivia Pro contains a very simple trivia game chatbot. You can check out the details about the configuration files at the repository, but it is basically a Chatto instance using an extensions server and a Redis store. The chatbot is deployed on Google Cloud Functions using the Serverless Framework. It uses Open Trivia Database for the questions and answers.

This demo is also available via Telegram.

Architecture diagram:

Chatto Trivia Pro