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Miscellaneous Bot

Miscellaneous Bot is a bot that can do different tasks and interact with a lot of external APIs.

The bot can:

  • Tell the weather: The bit will ask your location and provide a weather forecast for that place, using the Weather API.
  • Tell a joke: The bot will return a randomly selected joke using the Joke API.
  • Get a random quote: Get a random quote with the help of Quotable.
  • Answer random questions: Try to answer general questions using Scale SERP.

This bot demonstrates the integration capabilities of the Extensions and a slightly more complex Classifier.


This bot's Finite State Machine can be visualized like this:


Run it


If you want to run this example you have to get your own API Keys for Weather API and Scale SERP.

To run this example:

go run examples/02_misc/ext/ext.go

And in other terminal:

export WEATHER_API_KEY=<your api key>
export SCALE_SERP_API_KEY=<your api key>
chatto --path examples/02_misc/